A social science center engaged in major issues facing contemporary India and South Asia in an era of globalization

The Centre for Social Sciences and Humanities (CSH) is part of a network of research centers of the National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS) and the French Ministry of European and Foreign Affairs (MEEA). It is a pluri-disciplinary research center that covers all disciplines of social sciences and humanities. In particular, the research conducted at CSH concerns economics, law, political sciences, international relations, geography, demography, sociology and anthropology, with a special emphasis on India and South Asia. The institution traces its origins to 1980 when the French Archaeological Delegation in Afghanistan moved from Kabul to Delhi, following the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. The CSH itself was officially created in 1990. It initially conducted research on history and Indo-Persian culture. In 1995, the CSH became a center specializing in the study of contemporary dynamics of development in India and South Asia.

Objectives and Missions

The objective of the CSH is to produce and spread around high quality research on all aspects of social sciences and humanities that are relevant for the Indian and South Asian region. The CSH contributes to this research production and diffusion process through its full-time researchers (assigned to CSH either by the French MEEA and CNRS or by Indian institutions), the doctoral students who spend part of their doctoral time In the center and the colleagues from all over the world that the CSH welcome on short term contracts.  While the research themes covered at CSH depend to a large extent upon the research agendas of the researchers, the center has historically been visible in International relations, women political participation, inequality and poverty, growth and development, migrations, urban management, social mobility, castes and international law, to mention just a few.