Economics and Development

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"Muslims in Indian Cities: Trajectories of Marginalisation" by Laurent Gayer
Agriculture and Food in India: A Half-century Review from Independence to Globalization
Patterns of Middle Class Consumption in India and China
Globalisation in China, India & Russia: Emergence of National Groups and Global Strategies of Firms
Against the Current (Volume III) Electricity Act and Technical Choices for the Power Sector in India
Beyond the Transition Phase of WTO: An Indian Perspective on Emerging Issues
Against the Current (volume II) – Fixing Tariffs, Finance and Competition for the Power Sector in India
India's North-East - Developmental issues in a historical perspective
Privatising Power Cuts? Ownership and Reform of State Electricity Boards
Examining the Spatial Dimension: Globalization and local Development in India
Agricultural Incentives in India: Past Trends and Prospective Paths towards Sustainable Development
The Indian Entrepreneur: A Sociological Profile of Businessmen and Their Practices
Against the Current – Organizational Restructuring of State Electricity Boards
India's Energy : Essays on Sustainable Development
Water: Unreliable supply in Delhi

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