Role of ground water in urban development : study of Delhi and its peri-urban areas

Through this research project, an attempt is made to assess the role of water/ground water in the planning of metropolises and in urban development. It is based on the case study of Delhi metropolis and its peri-urban region. The objectives of the research are to study the stages and patterns of urban evolution, to study the interdependence of ground water and urbani-sation, to analyse urban hydro-geomorpho-logical structure. Further, an attempt will be made to identify urban ground water manage-ment issues in peri-urban areas vis-à-vis land use planning in order to suggest practical changes in land use planning of peri-urban areas.

The research methodology combines the collection of updated secondary data on ground-water and land use, and primary surveys (interviews using semi-structured questionnaire with primary and secondary stakeholders of the selected study area).

Funding sources

- Go to the website Queen’s University Belfast (Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK)

Presented Papers

- "Defining Peri-urban – a review", written by ROHILLA Suresh Kumar for International Workshop Peri-urban dynamics: population, habitat and environment on the peripheries of large Indian metropolises. Took place in CSH-India International Centre, New Delhi, 25-26-27 August 2004.
- "Urban Water Augmentation in Delhi (a Techno-Feasibility for rainwater harvesting in and around Delhi metropolis)", written by ROHILLA Suresh Kumar for IInd DEMATEDEE Conference Market Development of water and waste technologies through environmental economics. Took place in CERNA, Paris, 29 May 2004.