China-Pakistan strategic cooperation

The Scientific problematic of China-Pakistan strategic co-operation for India lies in it being the one of the most critical issues for India’s foreign policy and perhaps the most common hindrance in China-India confidence building. Secondly, it becomes problematic particularly as this subject is little researched, though the hype continues in the regular political rhetoric. While both China and Pakistan continue to deny allegations made by India or other powers, substantive information on this issue of transfer of sensitive technologies as part of China-Pakistan strategic co-operation remains illusive and very little has developed either in terms of evidence or analysis to strengthen this thesis.

The research objectives, in this backdrop, broadly include examining various sectors of China-Pakistan strategic co-operation in exhaustive detail and then trying to gauge its overall impact for regional security and peace, for India’s foreign and security policies and especially for India-China ties. This will also be aimed at assessing the evolving nature of China-Pakistan ties given the change in China’s worldview in recent years as well as the evolution in global and regional priorities and ground realities.

The Methodology applied in this research project remains participatory brainstorming of contribution written in advance for which a seminar has been organised. These contributions depend primarily on secondary materials (both published and online) and care has been taken to balance the perspective by incorporating views from all different perspectives.

Institutional partnerships

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Presented Papers

- "Joint Ventures and Procurement", written by SINGH Swaran for Seminar China-Pakistan Strategic Cooperation: Indian Perspectives. Took place in India International Centre, New Delhi, 19-20 March 2004.
- "India-Pakistan Nuclear Risk Reduction Measures", written by SINGH Swaran for International Conference, University of Birmingham on South Asian Security Perspectives. Took place in Birmingham, 14-15 April 2003.