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Democracy and governance in India and South Africa
Democracy in South Asia. Historical and Comparative Analysis of the Democratization Process in India and Pakistan between 1947 and 1958 through the Prism of Elites and Civil Society
Development policies of Tribal spaces in India: a geographical study of a Tribe in Andhra Pradesh
E-diaspora: Hindu nationalism online
Economic policies of the state in South Asia and public response
Economic Reforms, Regional Economies and Evolving Federal Governance
Efficiency and productivity of Indian pharmaceutical industries since the reforms: Malmquist-Meta-Frontier approach
Estimating the Impact of the National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme
Estimating the preferences of the households for urban amenities in Delhi
Evaluating diversity and freedom
Exploring the Metropolitan Area of Delhi: A Spatial Exploratory Data Analysis of the Metropolisation Process
Exporting through E-commerce
Globalisation and Opening Markets in Developing Countries and Its Impact on National Firms and Public Governance: The Case of India
Growth and Convergence Clubs in Indian States, 1965-2002
Hindu nationalism and education : constructing the hindu nation at school