The 'Indian' communities of the Réunion: national and transnational identity politics

Defining the body politics and the perimeter of the nation is an ever-evolving task for policy makers and governments. In the past decades, the surge in international migrations has accelerated their reformulation. In India, like in France, the definition of citizenry is fiercely debated. This project, run conjointly with Dr Anouck Carsignol, wishes to look at the population of Indian origin in the French département of the Réunion, a peripheral population in a peripheral territory, in order to highlight the social and political engineering at work in both countries' understanding of national identity and assess the role of a diaspora in bilateral relations and its possible transformation into a lobby. This project aims at providing a historical and sociological account of an understudied and overlooked group, shedding light on the role of diasporas as an original form of power in international relations, and on the political economy between Paris and New Delhi via Saint Denis de la Réunion.

  • Participants :
    Anouck CARSIGNOL