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List of scientific articles published by CSH

Re-nationalization of India's Political Party System or Continued Prevalence of Regionalism and Ethnicity ? Evidence from the 2009 General Elections
Closing the Gap between ‘Expert’ and ‘Lay' Knowledge in the Governance of Wastewater: Lessons and Reflections from New Delhi
Fragmented governance, divided cities The need for an integrated view on urban waste water: A Case Study of Delhi
The Gosikhurd Dam Project and Transformation of Rural Social Space in Vidarbha, Maharashtra", Chapter 9
Le rôle des associations de résidents dans la gestion des services urbains à Hyderabad
Villes indiennes sous tutelle ? Une réflexion sur les échelles de gouvernance à partir des cas de Mumbai et Hyderabad
Are South Indian farmers adaptable to global change? A case in an Andhra Pradesh catchment basin
Employment Trends in India : A Re-examination
Prem, vivah ra yaun (Amour-mariage-sexe [parmi les combattantes féminines de la PLA népalaise])
Cultes et cultures populaires au Pakistan : entre traditions et transgressions
Castes et musulmans
Interview on Small Town Governance Indian Institute of Ahmedabad, Newsletter The Globalizing State, Public Services and the New Governance of Urban Local Communities in India
Why Not a Universal Food Security Legislation
Compte-rendu de lecture : Les mutations de la société indienne
Maoïsme et lutte armée en Inde contemporaine

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