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List of scientific articles published by CSH

Bus Porters’ Petition for Aadhaar – A Political Analysis: Tarangini Sriraman
"Lost in transition? Comparing strategies of electricity companies in Delhi"Criqui L and M-H Zérah
TOXI-CITY: an agent-based model for exploring the effects of risk awareness and spatial configuration on the survival rate in the case of industrial accidents
Tarangini Sriraman, a petition-like application? Rhetoric and rationing documents in wartime Delhi, 1941–45
Access to water between urban inequalities and technical constraints - the decentralization of supply in four Uttar Pradesh municipalities
Forward and Backward Linkages of Migrants to Slums in Delhi, by Vandana Solanki
Formation, Qualification, Employment A quantitative survey of the IT Industry, by Roland Lardinois (CSH)
Small and medium-sized towns in India on the fringes of urban development by Rémi de Bercegol et Shankare Gowda
"The deployment of clean energy in Delhi in the context of the mistrust of urban society" by Marie-Hélène Zérah and Gautier Kohle
Book chapter, « La mobilité sociale entraine-t-elle un affaiblissement des liens avec ses parents ? » by Jules Naudet
Tarangini Sriraman, Postdoctoral Fellow at CSH, published an article in the latest issue of South Asia Multidisciplinary Academic Journal (SAMAJ)
In-Kind Food Transfers - Impact on Poverty
Castes, Communities and Parties in Uttar Pradesh
Political Turmoil in Karachi : Production and Reproduction of Ordered Disorder
Subaltern Urbanisation in India

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