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Urban inequality rising far more in India: François Bourguignon
'Aux sources du capitalisme indien' Un entretien avec Claude Markovits par Jules Naudet
Only if daddy says ‘yes’, by Parul Bhandari
An interview with Roland Lardinois by Jules Naudet
Measuring Urbanization around a Regional Capital : The Case of Bhopal District
Indian Special Economic Zones: The Difficulties of Repeating China’s Triumph
Water, City and Urban Planning : assessing the role of groundwater in urban development planning in Delhi
An alternative to conventional public water service : “user group networks” in a Mumbai slum
Voluntary Contribution in the Field: An Experiment in the Indian Himalayas
The French Nuclear Energy Experience: Lessons for India
Sources of Heterogeneity in the Efficiency of Indian Pharmaceutical Firms
The Impact of Slum Resettlement on Urban Integration in Mumbai: The Case of the Chandivali Project
Nuclear Deterrence in Second Tier Nuclear States: A Case Study of India
Negotiating the Terms of a New Social Contract: Private Companies, Civil Society and the State in India
Do Indian States have the power to devise their own policies? A study on fiscal space
Fiscal Federalism, State Lobbying and Discretionary Finance in India
Between Citizens and Institutions: The Dynamics of the Integration of Water Supply and Sanitation Services in Hyderabad
Aligning Development, Air Quality and Climate Policies for Multiple Dividends
Is India Better off Today than 15 Years Ago? A Robust Multidimensional Answer
Trade and Economic Arrangements between India and South East Asia in the Context of Regional Construction and Globalisation
IBSAC (INDIA, BRAZIL, SOUTH AFRICA, CHINA): A Potential Developing Country Coalition in WTO Negotiations
Peri-urban dynamics: Case studies in Chennai, Hyderabad and Mumbai
Instability at the Gate: India’s Troubled Northeast and its External Connections
Peri-urbanisation in Tamil Nadu : a quantitative approach
Peri-urban dynamics – population, habitat and environment on the peripheries of large Indian metropolises
Ensuring the Conformity of Domestic Law With World Trade Organisation Law India as a case study
Assessing Policy Choices for Managing SO2 Emissions from Indian Power Sector
Contextualizing the Urban Healthcare System Methodology for developing a geodatabase of Delhi's healthcare system
China-India Economic Engagement Building Mutual Confidence
EXPORTING THROUGH E-COMMERCE: How Indian Exporters have harnessed the IT Revolution
AIDS In India: Public health related aspects of industrial and intellectual property rights policies in a developing country
Straddling Faultlines: India’s Foreign Policy Toward the Greater Middle East
The Water & Sanitation Scenario in Indian Metropolitan Cities: Resources and Management in Delhi, Calcutta, Chennai, Mumbai
The Impact of Education Policy Reforms on the School System : A Field Study of EGS and Other Primary Schools in Madhya Pradesh
Constitutionalising Panchayats: The response of state legislatures
Renewable Energy Strategies for Indian Power Sector
Women in the Calcutta Municipal Corporation : A Study in the Context of the Debate on the Women's Reservation Bill
Winners and Losers of the SEB Reform : An Organisational Overview
Olivier Telle’s article on Infectious diseases in The Conversation
Discussions with Prof Surinder S Jodhka
Developing North-East India: the regional integration policy confirms its marginalization, by Xavier Houdoy, IFG
Le développement du Nord-Est de l'Inde : une politique d'intégration régionale qui conforte sa marginalisation, par Xavier Houdoy, IFG
Dengue spatial analysis in Delhi (Analyse de l’Emergence de la Dengue Et Simulation Spatiale - AEDESS)