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List of books published in CSH

Item title
Beyond the Rhetoric: The Economics of India’s Look East Policy
Insurgency in North-East India – The Role of Bangladesh
China – South Asia: Issues, Equations, Policies
No Strings Attached ? India’s policies and Foreign Aid (1947-1966)
Pakistan: Nationalism without a Nation ?
State Politics and Panchayats in India,
Violence/Non-Violence, Some Hindu Perspectives
Against the Current – Organizational Restructuring of State Electricity Boards
The Muslims of the Indian Sub-continent after the 11th September Attacks
India and the European Union in the 21st Century
The European Union in a Changing World
The Voice and the Will - Subaltern Agency : Forms and Motives
India and ASEAN: The Politics of India’s Look East Policy
Political Islam in the Indian Subcontinent: The Jamaat-i-Islami
India and France in a Multipolar World : Proceedings of the Seminar

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