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List of books published in CSH

Item title
Reconfiguring Identities and Building Territories in India and South Africa
Democratization in Progress Women and Local Politics in Urban India
Urbanization and Governance in India
Electoral Reservations, Political Representation and Social Change in India : A Comparative Perspective
Examining the Spatial Dimension: Globalization and local Development in India
Agricultural Incentives in India: Past Trends and Prospective Paths towards Sustainable Development
India, China, Russia – Intricacies of an Asian Triangle
India in the Mirror of Foreign Diplomatic Archives
Femmes et politique en Inde et au Népal : Image et présence
Education and Democracy in India
Who is a Brahmin? The Politics of Identity in India
The Indian Entrepreneur: A Sociological Profile of Businessmen and Their Practices
Wooing The Generals – India’s New Burma Policy
Minorities and Human Rights in Bangladesh
Pakistan – In the Face of the Afghan Conflict 1979-1985 at the Turn of the Cold War

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