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List of books published in CSH

Item title
Milices armées d’Asie du Sud : Privatisation de la violence et implication des États
Globalisation in China, India & Russia: Emergence of National Groups and Global Strategies of Firms
China-Pakistan Strategic Cooperation: Indian Perspectives
La Ville en Asie du Sud Analyse et mise en perspective / Cities in South Asia: Analyses and prospectsud
Against the Current (Volume III) Electricity Act and Technical Choices for the Power Sector in India
Beyond the Transition Phase of WTO: An Indian Perspective on Emerging Issues
India, Europe and the Changing Dimensions of Security
India, the European Union and the WTO
Eastward Bound: India’s New Positioning in Asia
The European Union in World Politics
Local Democracy in India - Interpreting Decentralization
Cultural Dynamics and Strategies of the Indian Elite (1870-1947) – Indo-French Relations during the Raj
Against the Current (volume II) – Fixing Tariffs, Finance and Competition for the Power Sector in India
India's North-East - Developmental issues in a historical perspective
Privatising Power Cuts? Ownership and Reform of State Electricity Boards

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