Working Paper: Water Regimes Questioned From The ‘Global South’ - Agents, Practices And Knowledge

This Working paper presents the proceedings of a conference held at the Center for Policy Research, New Delhi, India, January 15-17, 2016:

Water Regimes Questioned From The ‘Global South’
Agents, Practices And Knowledge

This conference was funded by:
Centre for Policy Research, Centre for Social Sciences and Humanities, French Institute of Pondicherry
Indo French Water Network (IFWN) & Institut de recherche pour le développement (IRD)

Suggested citation : Dasgupta, Shubhagato, Rémi de Bercegol, Odile Henry, Brian O’Neill, Franck Poupeau, Audrey Richard-Ferroudji and Marie-Hélène Zérah. 2016. “Water Regimes Questioned from the ‘Global South’ : Agents, Practices And Knowledge”. Proceedings of Conference held on January 15-17, 2016 at New Delhi. DOI No: 10.13140/RG.2.1.5025.1121

During the 20th century, water distribution and treatment services (as well as gas, electricity, transportation and telecommunications services) emerged as a socio-technical system, vital for people living in towns and large metropolises. Deeply embedded in the materiality of social life and the environment, the system is closely linked to a physical geography (a hydric resource, pluviometry, terrain, ecosystem) that gives rise to economic factors (fixed assets) nd legal institutions (norms, laws, contracts); it also corresponds to an institutional system that manages this resource in a specific territory occupied by social groups, with their conflicting interests; it requires specific skills in terms of administration and engineering and most of the time these are defined by the administrative services responsible for the management and construction of water infrastructures.

Aims of the workshop:

1) Essentially it would allow a first exchange, with a view to a publication, between the researchers specialising in water and working on its agents (engineers, lawyers, etc.),
knowledge and practices, particularly interested in an analysis of the socio-technical systems that were established to transform a natural resource into a service in the region under study.

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