Economics and Development

Head: Dr. Bruno Dorin

The research conducted in "Economics and Development" is motivated by the need for more inclusive economic growth. The objective of an inclusive growth is especially important for a country like India, which has exhibited, in the last twenty years, an average yearly growth rate of 7% but where still about 33% of the world’s poorest population (as defined by the threshold of $1.90 US/day in purchasing power parity) is concentrated. Indian spectacular growth is also known to exert extremely strong pressure on the environment (soil, air, water, biodiversity…) and ecosystem services.

Research conducted in the department concern specifically two broad areas:

(1) Growth, employment and structural transformation, with a special emphasis on growth models involving micro-farms, the dynamics of labour productivities, and the challenge of new sociotechnical regimes. 

(2) Poverty, inequality, vulnerability, with the understanding and measurement of the various forms of poverty and inequalities (especially concerning land and natural resources, health, education, social status, and exposure to various risks) and the study of innovative institutional arrangements to improve various accesses or services.