Olivier TELLE
Olivier TELLE
Postdoctoral Fellow
Risks and Territorial Dynamics


Olivier TELLE is post-doctoral fellow with the Laboratory for Genetics of Human Response to Infection at the Institut Pasteur (Paris). He holds an MA and a PhD in geography (University of Rouen). He has been working on the diffusion of dengue in Delhi since 2007.

His work examines disparities in the spatial epidemiology of the disease in the Indian capital. The work focuses on urban dynamics, taking the disease as a revealer of environmental disparities but also as an indicator of the social and economic evolutions of a territory. Ultimately this work aims to show how a combination of actors and phenomena are responsible for the emergence and perpetuation of the disease in Delhi.
Currently working on the following programmes:
- Analyse de l’Emergence de la Dengue Et Simulation Spatiale (AEDESS) - Dengue spatial analysis in Delhi (as a coordinator)

Worked on the following archived programs:
- The emergence of corporate hospitals in Indian metropolises (as a participant)