PhD candidate
Politics and society


Joël Cabalion is a PhD student in sociology from the Centre for the Study of India and South Asia (Centre d’Etudes de l’Inde et de l’Asie du Sud, EHESS/ Paris) since October 2007. He has joined the Center for Human Sciences in October 2009 as an affiliated student. He is working since 2004 on rural displacement in the region of Vidarbha, Maharashtra with regard to the construction of the Gosikhurd large dam project. His research focuses on the socio-economic stakes around the forced displacement and relocation of agrarian villages in the district of Nagpur. Joel Cabalion’s PhD thesis examines the transformation and reproduction of social inequalities in the context of massive dispossession. In doing so, he accounts for the different processes pertaining to the issues of compensation, resettlement and rehabilitation in the concerned to-be submerged areas. His sociological work comprises other dimensions pertaining to issues in agrarian studies and anthropology of development : agrarian crisis, social movements (of displaced people, agriculturists, etc.), dalit youth, forest rights, landless labourers. Personal page :