Associate Researcher
Urban Studies, Art industry and economy


Christine Ithurbide has a doctorate in geography of development from CESSMA (Center for Study in Social Sciences on Africa, America and Asia) at Paris Diderot University France. Her researches focus on art spaces and art industries in India, their urban, socio-economical and political dimensions. Her thesis Geography of contemporary Indian art : cities, actors and territories. The case of Bombay was conducted in co-supervision with the Centre for Study of Regional Development, Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi. She was associated to the 4 years research program “Cultural Industries in India” at the Center for Study of India and South Asia (CEIAS, EHESS).
Her current researches focus on :
- art policies in Indian metropolises
- art workers, mobility and networks of production in contemporary Indian art
- globalization and new art territories
She is also co-organiser of CSH-CPR urban workshops


Publications « Beyond Bombay art district: Reorganization of art production into a polycentric territory at metropolitan scale », Belgeo [En ligne], 3 | 2014,

- Shaping a Contemporary Art Scene: The Development of Art