Visiting fellow of the research division: Regional dynamics in South Asia and international relations


Anouck Carsignol’s main research areas are the processes of identity formation in diaspora and nation-building, multiculturalism, politics of memory and commemoration, and insular societies in the Indian Ocean.

She is currently collaborating with Ingrid Therwath (CSH) on a common project which deals with the Indian diaspora in the French Réunion island, with a particular emphasis on the history of the migration and settlement, the building of a ‘Malbar’ identity, and the geo-strategic and economic potential of such a community for both France and India.
She is also working on the publication of her PhD (Graduate Institute of international and Development Studies, 2009) devoted to the Indian communities in Mauritius and Canada and their specific relationship to India.

Currently working on the following programs:
- The 'Indian' communities of the Réunion: national and transnational identity politics (as a participant)
- E-diaspora: Hindu nationalism online (as a participant)