Associate Researcher
Political science


Stéphanie Tawa Lama-Rewal is a research fellow in political science at the Centre for South Asian Studies (Centre d’Etudes de l’Inde et de l’Asie du Sud, CNRS-EHESS, Paris). She studies contemporary Indian democracy through four main themes: group (and especially women’s) representation; the participatory dimension of democracy; local democracy; and urban governance.
She is currently engaged in two research projects:

- Forms and uses of participation in the Indian democracy

- Emotions and political mobilization in the Indian subcontinent (EMOPOLIS – see )

Her latest publications include:

-"Participation as a Support to Neo-populism? The Case of the Bhagidari Scheme", in Karen Coelho, Lalitha Kamath, M. Vijayabaskar (Eds), Participolis, Consent and Contention in Neoliberal Urban India, Delhi, Routledge, 2013, pp. 207-221.

-(with Lemanski, Charlotte), “The ‘missing middle’: Participatory Practices in Delhi’s Unauthorized Colonies”, Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers, pp. 91-105, 2012, ISSN 0020-2754.

-(with Marie-Hélène Zérah) « Urban Democracy: A South Asian Perspective », South Asia Multidisciplinary Academic Journal [Online], 5 | 2011,

-“Women’s Right to the City: From Safety to Citizenship?” ”, in Marie – Hélène Zérah, Véronique Dupont and Stéphanie Tawa Lama-Rewal (Eds) Urban Policies and the Right to the City in India: Rights, Responsibilities and Citizenship, UNESCO, Delhi, 2011, pp.37-45,

-“Urban Governance and Healthcare Provision in Delhi”, Environment & Urbanization, Vol 23(2): 563–581, October 2011