Parul Bhandari
Parul Bhandari
Postdoctoral Fellow
December 2014- November 2016


Parul Bhandari completed her PhD in Sociology from the University of Cambridge. Her thesis was on the marriage practices of the middle class in Delhi. Her current research is on gender and elites. She has held Guest Lectureships at the Indian Insitute of Technology (IIT), Delhi, (July-September 2015) and at the Department of Sociology, Delhi School of Economics (January-May 2015).
At CSH, she primarily conducts research on elite women of New Delhi, whilst she also prepares to publish her PhD on marriages amongst the middle class.

Articles and Opinions

1) Article published in e-magzine, The Conversation : "Inside the big fat Indian wedding: conservatism, competiton and networks"  

2) "Towards a Sociology of Indian Elites: Marriage Alliances, Vulnerabilities, and Resistance in Bollywood' in Society and Culture in South Asia, Vol 3, Issue 1, January 2017"

3) Article published in the e-magazine, Quartz : "Inside India’s elite kitty parties" 

4) Article published in the Indian Express: Only if daddy says ‘yes’


1) The Urban Landscape of Love and Marriage: A Study of the Middle Class in Delhi at Centre for Policy Research, New Delhi on 28 June 2016.

2) Discussant for documentary film, 'Nirnay', screened at CSH on 3rd May 2016

3) Gender, Affect, and Aspirations: Politics of a 'Suitable Match' amongst the Middle Class of Delhi at the South Asian University on 30th March 2016

4) ' A Suitable Girl? Gender Assymmetries in Matchmaking' at CSH Delhi on 24th March 2015