Phd candidate
Feb-June 2017


Phd candidate - Economics
My research is focusing on regional economic relationships between the members of the RIC (Russia-India-China) and their interactions with the BRICS as an international forum. It aims at analysing both Sino-Indian and Sino-Russian economic and geostrategic relations and their interactions within the context of Asia’s economic integration. In this case, I study in on hand, the New Silk Road in South Asia in particular China-Pakistan economic corridor and its impact on Sino-Indian partnerphip, on the other hand, the interaction between Eurasian Economic Union and the New Silk Road and its impact on the Sino-Russian geoeconomic strategies in the Eurasia region. I seek to understand whether China's economic power will encourage India and Russia to cooperate for mutual prosperity or if it will provoke a geostrategic rivalries, which prevent any regional economic integration in Asia and therefore weaken the BRICS groupe.