July-August 2017


Anastasia Gkosiopoulou is joining the CSH for an internship in the Department of Director Leila Choukroune. Anastasia Gkosiopoulou did a bachelor of general law studies at the law university of Thrace in Greece and is currently doing my Master program in Globalization and Law, at the university of Maastricht. Her program is mostly specialized in the impact of trade and investment law on the law of human rights and the interaction between economic sustainability and human rights development. After the end of this master, she wishes to specialize further in the area of globalization and law and specifically in the effects of globalization and fair trade may have on political, social and cultural rights in developing countries. More precisely, she wants to focus her research on the sustainable coexistence between the business activities ran by foreign investors and the development of human rights of local people in developing markets.