Affiliated PhD Candidate
April 2013 – present


After completing an HND in networks and telecommunication in Toulouse, I moved to Paris and studied for a degree in Geography in Paris-7 Diderot . I specialized in remote sensing, GIS and geographic tools during my masters degree. Then I worked for a year in Brest for Ifremer. I started my PhD in December 2012 with the university of Rouen, directed by Alain Vaguet and co-directed by Eric Daude. I'm a part of FP7 DENFREE project financed by CNRS. I have been invited by the CSH, as my research deals with mobility and dengue in Delhi.
I'm working on the daily mobility of people in Delhi, linked with the spread of dengue. Dengue is a vector borne disease transmitted by mosquitoes (mainly Aedes aegyti) to humans, and from sick humans to mosquitoes. As mosquitoes have a relative short range, human mobility plays a role in its diffusion inside cities as infected people can be considered as disease reservoirs.
Socio-economic parameters and spatial characteristics are assumed to influence the localization and the mobility opportunity of people, so I'm including them in my analysis. One objective is to create an agent-based model according to complexity theory in order to understand and mitigate dengue epidemics.